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Want to hear about my sexy milf phone sex call? This man loved his busty milfs, and had a fantasy that all the hot milfs had a club where they would do naughty things.

This certainly made for sexy milf phone sex fantasy!

Oops it was my turn to do the nasty deed this week and all the other hot milfs decided I should seduce my teen daughter’s boyfriend.  Tsk tsk, such a horny milf.

I’ve seen my daughter’s boyfriend checking out my bouncing tits before and, perhaps I shouldn’t admit, but I make he has a nice view of my sexy cleavage.

Feeling very naughty in such a good way I made an appointment to discuss his intentions with my daughter, then I got ready.

First, I made sure no one would be home, then I slipped into my sexy animal print panties, put on a push up bra and a little sheer top, sexy high heels and waited.

I loved how uncomfortable he looked while still checking out my big natural boobs.

I told him I thought my daughter was a prude and if he was going to continue dating her, he would need some sexual release elsewhere.  Sliding my hand up his thigh and licking my glossed lips to make sure he understood what I meant.

He went straight for my hot melons, telling me he’s jerked off thinking about tit fucking me so many times but never thought he’d actually see them as he squeezed them together and slid his hard cock in between.

Fucking sexy milf phone sex I tell ya!

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Mature Phone Sex

mature boobs, mature milf, mature bbwLet me tell you why I love mature phone sex. Sometimes sexy moms just get so horny and while I can be very creative, mature phone sex tides over those urges in between mommy’s sexual conquests. Besides I like telling my clients how creative I can be.

For instance, I decided to offer cooking classes for the guys you go to the local university.

Those poor boys are practically starving.

I’ll give them something to eat. I was fantasizing them having me up on the counter lapping at mommy’s pussy and squeezing my mature tits together like they were going to milk me.

Mmmm, focus.

It’s most convenient to offer the classes in my own kitchen. Often one on one.

College boys are horny boys. When I press my big natural tits against their strong arm to check their progress. First I lick the batter off their fingertips, then lick it off their cocks. Mmmmm

This mature pussy is on the counter getting fucked hard every time.

Baby, you look so thin! Give me a call. ;)


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Cougar Moms

my-friends-hot-momHow often have you fantasized about fucking your best friends mom or the mom next door?

Your my step-son’s friend and are always hanging out at my house. You can’t take your eyes off of me whenever your come over.  My son even told me he over-heard you talking to all your friends about your friends hot mom. Lol

I know I shouldn’t, but now that I know you have a crush on me, it just makes me want to tease you.

I like to brush up against you with my natural breasts, or forget to shut my bedroom door when I change so you catch me in my bra and panties.

Maybe I’m turning into one of those cougar moms. I confess that my pussy gets wet at the thought of your young hard cock. I know I’m a horny mom for sure!

You can call me for mommy phone sex to play out those fantasies.

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Sexy Older Woman Phone Sex

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If you haven’t considered mature sex with older ladies, then you are really missing out on some hot  sex.

Divorced with grown children,  now it’s my time to live my life the way I please.  I’ve decided that having sex is an awesome way to have some fun.

I may not be a young woman any longer, but this horny MILF is here to tell you that sexy older ladies are just hot!

I love sex and am open to exploring and doing all the hardcore things that good wives and mommies don’t do. I’ve always wanted to fuck like a porn star, and now I can. I swear I’m hornier than ever. Think you can keep up? ;)

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Cougar MILF Phone Sex

mature cuntMature pussy,sexy milf, hot cougar mom.  I’m all these things and I know hot older women is what you need.

You need a hot babe who still has a hard body and a tight pussy, but you also crave that experience, understanding and just plain old horny nature that comes with older ladies.

Oh, and the ability to give you a blow job that will turn you inside out doesn’t hurt either. *wink*

Mmm yes, let me give you that hand job until you give me a cum facial.  Sooo good for the skin. Yum

Slide your big hard on between these lovely big tits and let momma lap your precum up.

It’s time to tame this hot pussy with some nasty cougar sex.

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